Educating Youth and Young Adults

An offshoot of Strategic Wealth Advisors, Family Finance Educators (FFE) is a team of financial professionals and educators dedicated to improving financial literacy among children and young adults through interactive financial workshops, educational programs and individual coaching.

Through our proprietary program, we teach the next generation the skills needed to make wise financial decisions. These decisions not only impact today’s youth and young adults, but will carry on to the next generation as our students bring the financial concepts learned into their own homes and influence the generations to come.

The program consists of various group learning opportunities as well as individualized programming and financial coaching. We offer after-school enrichment classes, community workshops and classes to private groups such as homeschoolers, churches, girl/boy scouts, learning centers etc.

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Bringing Finance Home™ - YOUTH

“Money Hat” Workshop - Using interactive strategies, this workshop teaches basic concepts of Spending, Saving and Sharing (SSS) in one simple lesson, geared toward the child’s age group. Students work together to identify needs versus wants, brainstorm wise spending choices, understand the benefits of saving and establishing savings goals and discuss the long-term impact of sharing time, talents and treasure with others.

  • Each participant is provided with his/her own three-part bank to incorporate the concepts learned into their daily lives. Handouts are also provided to allow parents to further enhance their children’s (and in some cases their own) financial literacy.
  • Currently this workshop is offered to Grades 1 through 3.
  • Why is it called the “Money Hat” Workshop you ask? Well, we could tell you - but it wouldn’t be as much fun!

“Money Hat Experts” Class - An expanded version of the “Money Hat” workshop, this four session class teaches the children to be “experts” in the Spend/Save/Share philosophy. Carrying on FFE’s interactive methodology, students enact various scenarios to simulate real life situations and decisions they will face. The end result is a group of children who not only know the benefits of the Spend, Save, Share concepts but truly understand the impact it has on their future.

Custom Group Programming - For groups such as homeschoolers, private or charter schools, churches, learning centers, etc., we will customize either of the above programs. Curriculum is tailored to incorporate specific learning needs of the children and concepts can be presented in more depth.

Financial Education Consulting - Want to incorporate financial literacy into your current programming? Curious how financial literacy concepts tie into state mandated objectives? We provide one-on-one and team consulting to help bring financial literacy into the classroom.

Bringing Finance Home™ - YOUNG ADULTS

Young Adults Workshop - In this workshop, we begin by identifying money philosophies and habits developed during childhood and beyond. We also address Financial Life Values. For married couples, we discuss the impact finances can have on a marriage. We then have participants develop their own spending philosophy.

Once our students understand his/her relationship with money, we then address specific financial topics such as goal setting, budgeting and cash flow, saving and giving, debt strategies, credit cards, account considerations, taxes, estate planning, insurance and investments.

  • This is one of our most comprehensive workshops and as such, requires additional time and commitment.
  • Sessions are usually presented in (2) 4-hour weekend workshop with breaks or set up as a weekly 1-2 hour class.
  • As with our Custom Group Programming for Youth, our Young Adults Workshop can also be tailored to the group/audience requesting the class. This includes customization of topics to be covered as well as overall structure and timeframe of the class.

Individualized Coaching - We frequently provide one-on-one personalized education and coaching. This setting allows a more private, intimate discussion and can accelerate one’s financial education. A perfect graduation, wedding, new baby gift, we help individuals in various stages of life address the financial decisions they are facing in their new roles. Common coaching scenarios include:

  • Youth
  • Young Adults - college grads, young professionals
  • New Parents
  • Families/Intergenerational